What is Yoo2be?

You have heard the name Yoo2Be, so what is it all about?

Yoo2Be Networking is a business meeting where you come first, it is a place where professional businesses can meet other professional businesses and work together to get new business for each other, grow and expand regionally and nationally. It is a place for everyone to get to know you, the person behind the business, a place where you will get help, advice and support. A place where you will feel comfortable being you and being a part of a group philosophy of "how can we help you", where all the members of a group unite in one goal of helping each other to be successful.

There is a professional structure and meeting format that drives new business and growth results for our members. This is done in a relaxed way with no pressure. Business given and received is recorded, with clear transparency for you to see what your investment is returning to you. Yoo2Be Networking has stayed traditional with a membership fee, the reason for this is:

1. Members attend all the meetings where they can, giving them a presence and meeting stability, a consistency of regular members that build great relationships and help each other on a regular basis get new business. This also means that meetings do not vary in numbers dramatically, with a turn around of different people, leading to inconsistent business opportunities. Producing stable, quality and regular business opportunities for our members.

2. Membership gives and gets commitment equally from all members.

3. A bond of togetherness ensues that business opportunities are passed between members, because they want to.

4. Membership fees are distributed back amongst the members in the member profit share scheme and rewards.

5. With membership comes growth both in business and personally

6. Free training and development

7. Membership brings pride in belonging / being a part of. 

8. Membership is for the individual or business, with no limitations on who attends, or how many times someone represents you and your business.

9. Membership gives a members profile on the Yoo2Be Networking website, with links to your own website and social media platforms.

Our meeting format, although  structured is different and relaxed.

06:50 / 18:20 - Introductions to members and guests, connecting people, food.

07:05 / 18:35 - Welcome and opening address

07:15 / 18:45 - Vote on any proposals from the last meeting

07:16 / 18:46 - News flash

07:20 / 18:50 - Business Showcase (tell us about your business)

07:40 / 19:10 - How can we help you

08:00 / 19:30 - Refreshment break

08:05 / 19:35 - "My Story"

08:20 / 19:50 - Pass business opportunities, rewards, certificates, announcements, closing address.

08:30 / 20:00 - Meeting finishes, open networking. (Training when scheduled if a morning meeting)

To sum up the ethos and philosophy of Yoo2Be Networking.

We drive the profitability of our members through, trust, friendship, support, advice and passing quality business opportunities (not leads) to each other. Our members build their groups on Like, know and trust but take this concept deeper, make it stronger and unbreakable. Every member has a voice in the operation of Yoo2Be Networking, you make the difference, you choose your Advisory Teams, you agree the meeting format. It is all about you, for the members, run by the members, profit sharing with the members and it works.

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