A foundation group is a group that has no live meeting, the live meetings start with 10 new members. To secure your exclusive position in one of these groups, click on the group name and it will take you to the group page. A £30 registration fee at this time will secure your seat in a Foundation Group, simply call the Regional Director, who will explain what to do. When your registration fee is paid and while waiting for the live meetings to start, you can go to your nearest Yoo2Be Networking meeting or one of your choice, if your profession is not taken in that group, once a month. Once there are 10 business owners, the group becomes a Development Group and has it’s first live meeting, meetings are weekly. This is where you will then fill in your membership application form and pay your membership subscription. The target is then to grow the group to 18 members and become an Established group, where the target is then 30 members.

Wolverhampton Breakfast Group

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