New Breakfast Group Opening in Wolverhampton 

Goldthorne Hotel, Penn Road – 7am for 7.15am

This is our new Development Group, building on our successful groups in the region, we are now starting a group in Wolverhampton at the above venue. All businesses whether large or small need strategies to grow and be successful. Our winning and successful format secures a room of strategic partners for you and will bring you an abundance of new business opportunities, with help and business advice to take your business to the next level of growth. Everyone who joins becomes a partner, not a member. This is because we believe that in the network we are all in a partnership to help each other grow in business and personally and to become more successful than we are now, as partners we share our profits with you and are constantly rewarding and giving recognition to our partners. We are able to service all sizes of businesses, from the solopreneur to mid sized businesses (100 employees) and our affordable for everyone, modest subscription fee and return on investment are making us a popular choice for local businesses, compared to groups with very high joining fees. At Yoo2Be Networking, we understand that it is not all about price, but it can make a difference, we understand that business owners will join groups where they feel comfortable, secure and enjoy it, all we ask is that you visit us as a guest and see if we fit into that category. If you never try, you will never know, if we can offer something that you might be missing or give you what you currently have at a better value. There is a new partner gift at this new group, the first 10 new partners to join this group will receive a £100 discount off the current subscription fee. Go to our find a group page and click on Wolverhampton for more information, Only 1trade, 1 profession per sector, no diluting sectors, so when we say no competition, we mean just that. It is not about as many bums on seats for us, it is about quality of the room to give real value and business opportunities. You can secure your place in this group now, without having to pay a subscription at this time. Come along to our information meeting on the 6th September and find out more, just go to our find a group page, click on Wolverhampton, click on attend a meeting and book on. We look forward to meeting you and having the opportunity to help you grow your business.


New Area Director

We are excited to announce that Peter Savage from DeedSafe Wills has been appointed Area Director of the Shropshire area. This is the first appointment of this position within Yoo2Be Networking and we all wish Peter the very best.

Peter started as a member of our Telford group, becoming an influential and helpful member, connecting members and bringing in new business opportunities to the group. In a short time Peter had become the Telford Group Meeting Director (GMD) overseeing and running a successful group that gained in numbers, business opportunities and guests. It was natural for Peter to take on the Area Director position and help and share his knowledge with other GMD’s, working with the Advisory Teams to ensure all their members and the group get excellent value and growth. Peter is currently overseeing and covering other Area’s where the Area Director position is vacant.  There are currently vacancies for Area Directors in Staffordshire, West Midlands, Warwickshire and Worcestershire, these positions come with a very good package, free membership, profit share and cash incentives. If you are interested in discussing a vacant A.D area, speak to Regional Director Ben Coates on 07738715038

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