The easiest and most efficient way for businesses to find new business and new customers is still from face to face referral business networking, with people you have built up trust with. All of our groups are launched and built on our ethos of “how can we help you”, this means that all our partners understand the value in helping others. Our groups are a place where you will feel comfortable being you and being a part of this great philosophy. At Yoo2Be Networking we do not have members, we have partners, we are all in a partnership to be committed to each other, to secure more business. 

Our partners are business professionals and trusted business leaders who build and grow solid relationships and pass qualified business referrals to one another. We are exclusive and limit each of our groups to 1 trade, 1 profession per business sector. This limits overcrowding of any one profession and in our HCWHY you are the only one in your trade, profession, getting all the quality referrals, help and advice. Gaining new sales and repeat business is important to us, but networking meetings should deliver more and that is what we give you. It is about getting help and advice with the daily, monthly, challenges you face in your business from a room of fellow partners who understand what you are going through and have the experience and advice to help, this happens in our HCWHY part of our meeting format. As a partner of Yoo2Be Networking you get free workshops and free development and training days to help grow your business bigger and more profitable, with training in networking skills, how to get referrals, how to set and receive a monthly monetary amount from your group, sales, accountancy, social media, SEO, marketing, mindset and business skills. You receive help with presentation skills and confidence training as well as training in public speaking, so that you can deliver clearly and concisely to your fellow partners and guests, the problems that your service or product solves for others and it is all free to partners. You get time in “My Story, My Business” to really let everyone know who you are, what you can do and how the room can find you new business opportunities. Our written business opportunities are qualified and secured, your fellow partners have recommended you as trustworthy and competent. 

We understand that you will get sick, your children will get sick, you will go on holiday, you may have priority business to conduct that will bring in income. We understand this and so work with you to ensure your business is covered where possible at your meeting. Our partners and groups are passing great amounts of real transparent invoiced business to each other and developing their businesses in many different ways, working in this flexible way. All our groups are a maximum of 30 partners, so each partner gets outstanding value from the organisation, meeting format and fellow partners. Quality of genuine business, productivity and support over quantity every time in all our groups. We pride ourselves on being the affordable subscription network for the hard-working business owner, returning great value and a high return on your investment in comparison with other organisations and we will save you an unbelievable £894 for the year compared with another referral business organisation. We have a proven successful format, structured to bring you more business, new connections and business growth, locally, regionally or even nationally if you wanted. On average our partners get their investment back with secured business, within 2 months.

There are lots of benefits such as rewards, profit share, discounted meetings, free membership, frozen membership and much more. Visit one of our dedicated information meetings where you will find out a lot more and have your questions answered or just visit one of our group meetings as our guest. You will find out all the information about our groups on Find a Group page.

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