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This new group meeting starts on Friday 24th January at 07:00hrs and then weekly and is an advantage for all local business owners who want to Meet. Build. Grow. new strong relationships, helping each other as founder partners as the group launches. U2BN Wolverhampton will launch with 30 partners committed to helping your business with more sales and more connections, committed to growing a successful group, that will bring you value at every meeting, from our Business Education, Business Advisory Board and referrals, giving you a great return from our How Can We Help You format.

Never obligated to join, but an excellent way to meet new local business connections and a share of a realistic £760’000+, with commitment and the willingness to help others, our partners secure £20k – £30k a year for an investment as little as £200.

We are a British company giving you real value, being the most cost effective and value for money referral business organisation in the region. After doing research we know that we will save you £882.00 a year with our partnership against the big American based referral marketing groups in the region. There are different subscription options of 6 months, 12 months and 24 months.

We only have 1 person per business profession in this group, the 30 places will fill up quickly because of the value and return on investment you get and the great subscription cost compared to others in the region. Come along and be part of the How Can We Help You philosophy where no business in Yoo2Be Networking goes un-noticed, left wanting or not helped.


Business networking face to face is still the best and most reliable way to secure new business, that helps to grow your business. If you are happy with the results of your current networking group fantastic, it is working stay where you are and build on that. If you are not happy with the results you are getting with your current networking group, then maybe it is time for a change, we give so much more than just referrals, your group will help, advise, listen, give you ideas, help with your own ideas for growing your business, train you, develop you. All of this with the goal of helping you to have a successful business and a great return on your investment for as little as £200, you might get one good advertisement for that much.


Be a leader of your own desire and book onto this first meeting, see how the group sets out to help you, don’t wait, someone with the desire to be a successful business and get all this help will take your professional seat for this area. Past new groups and experience shows us that the main stream professions will fill up very quickly by business owners looking for those important new referrals, giving them new business and repeat business from new contacts. Yoo2Be Networking looks forward to helping you.  

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