Yoo2be Networking Wolverhampton Group

Goldthorn Hotel
126 Penn Road,

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Live meetings for this group have not started yet.

Y2BN Wolverhampton is a Foundation Group, this means we are currently looking for local businesses to secure their exclusive places in this group. The live meetings will commence when the group has 10 members. To secure your place all you need to do is pay the one-off registration fee of £30, this is for your member pack. After your registration fee is paid, while you are waiting for the meetings to go live, you can go to your nearest Yoo2Be Networking group meeting or one of your choice, once a month. You can only attend a meeting that does not already occupy your profession. Once the live meetings begin, the group becomes a Development group and annual membership becomes due, although your membership time does not start counting down until the group reaches 18 members and the group becomes an Established Group.

Secure your place now with your registration fee, just call the Regional Director on the number below.

Please send us an enquiry for further information on this group, or call Ben Coates the West Midlands Regional Director on 07738715038

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Phone Number – 07792123456
Email Address – bob@smith.com
Website – https://www.google.co.uk

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